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Metanet Mplatform providing
the best digital BPO platform

Metanet MPlatform, a digital marketing partner of successful the customer from various industries.
We provide differentiated digital marketing platform that it most suitable and customized for each customer by connecting data from Customer Care,
Customer Acquisition and CEM Consulting with technology from AI, Chatbot, ASP service.

Customer Care Service
  • Contact Center Operation Management
  • Customer Care Service consulting
Customer Acquisition Service
  • Analyzing marketing contents
  • Analyzing the database and setting up the call strategy
  • Managing operations
ASP Service
  • Building an efficient contact center/Providing operation service according to the call center operation purpose of the customer
  • Building an integrated call center based on CTI
Artificial Intelligence
  • Identifying a proper AI model and verifying the method of productivity improvement
  • Running and verifying an AI pilot project
  • Outsourcing AI operation
Digital Platform Service
  • Multichannel Customer Service
  • CS Application Service
  • Platform & Solution Service
CEM Consulting
  • Developing CEM strategy
  • Designing CEM process
  • Developing CEM information strategy
  • Consulting CEM solutions

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