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A Leader in Contact Center Services
with Total CRM Solution

Metanet Mplatform provides a new level of CRM-valued contact center services stacked from
abundant experience in contact center consulting and outsourcing.

CRM Consulting
  • Developing CRM strategy
  • Designing CRM process
  • Developing CRM information strategy
  • Consulting CRM solutions
Customer Care Service
  • Contact Center Operation Management
  • Customer Care Service consulting
Customer Acquisition Service
  • Analyzing marketing contents
  • Analyzing the database and setting up the call strategy
  • Managing operations
Digital Platform Service
  • Multichannel Customer Service
  • CS Application Service
  • Platform & Solution Service
ASP Service
  • Building an efficient contact center/Providing operation service according to the call center operation purpose of the customer
  • Building an integrated call center based on CTI
Artificial Intelligence
  • Identifying a proper AI model and verifying the method of productivity improvement
  • Running and verifying an AI pilot project
  • Outsourcing AI operation

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