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Contact Center Service Platform

Through its integrated contact center platform, Metanet Mplatform supports IPCC Solution, Chatting Solution, Omni Channel Solution, Cloud Service, and more. We also provide customer relation services from the viewpoint of the user through VOC analysis by analytics and through social buzz.

Our Services

IPCC Solution Service
  • Development of IP PBX, CTI, IVR, REC, and PDS
  • Visible ARS
  • ASP and Cloud service
Chatting Consultation Analysis
  • Development of chatting consultation systems
  • Interlinking with Kakao Consultation Talk and Naver Talk
  • ASP and Cloud service
Omnichannel C/S Solutions
  • Multi-channel consultation application
  • A customer itinerary management system through phone, chatting, text, and social media.
  • KMS, QA messenger
    • Analytices Service
      • Real-time voice, recording, chatting, analysis of social buzz, VOC

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