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Metanet Mplatform has the richest experience in running various marketing activities that actively persuade customers or advertise products and services, such as service subscription, product sales and promotion information.

Metanet Mplatform can carry out customer invitation plans most efficiently by analyzing the marketing point of the marketing contents and the characteristics of the target customer group and achieve the expected result within the short period of time by developing, educating and training the consultation method that fits the sales characteristics, such as scripting call conversations, based on the rich field experience in tele-marking sales.

In addition, the key competitiveness of Metanet Mplatform lies in hiring, fostering and managing supervisors with excellent marketing and sales capability.


Analyzing marketing contents
  • Setting up the operation target, creating a center environment and configuring the system
Managing operations
  • Planning the organization and operations
  • Recruiting and training
  • Analyzing and managing performance
  • Monitoring call quality
  • Analyzing the operation results and giving feedback
Analyzing the database and setting up the call strategy
  • Analyzing the target customer group considering the attributes of marketing
  • Developing consultation script, call responses

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