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Operation CEOPark, Sang Jin
O&M Chief Executive Officer of Park, Sang Jin
Management CEOJung, Jae Ki
O&M Chief Executive Officer of Jung, Jae Ki

Welcome to Metanet Mplatform homepage.

Metanet Mplatform has vast experience of contact center operation for clients in diverse industries since the foundation in 1999, and such experiences became a precious asset of stable system and best-in-class know-hows.

Today, we are proud that every and each of 8,000 people in more than 30 centers are facing customers with pride to be representing the client company.
In addition to traditional inbound/outbound contact center services, Metanet Mplatform is at the front providing innovative services at a next-level based on advanced technology such as IPCC, IDC and AI, helped by IT companies in Metanet.

Metanet Mplatform promises the followings in order to provide the best and differentiated services.

  1. First, we will listen to voice of customers with “wisdom ears” wide open.
  2. Second, we will continue to find ways to grow, rather than enjoying the leader position.
  3. Third, we will foster best talents and upgrade the dignity of the contact center.
  4. Lastly, we will always be passionate about what we do.


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